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His students use computer-aided design to make amazing chessboards, furniture, and metal signs. With our innovative spirit as Oregonians, we must all rise to the moment and once again be a model for the nation. Ballard with a downtown beautification proposal.

More than a quarter of children are obese or overweight, and that portion jumps to 42 percent for kids living in poverty, putting them at risk for diabetes and other lifelong ailments.

ODS is changing its name to Moda Health. Frankly, a lot of good work got done last session. Alycia DuBry is a Senior Information Security Engineer at Pushpay who is invested in customer success and assurance of their data protection with a diverse background and a broad range of proven skills.

Moda comes from the latin term "modus" and means "a way". We hope to elevate this work and add more initiatives this year. Industry clusters play a prominent role at the Leadership Summit, sharing their efforts to build export sales and job, and identifying ways that policies promoted by the Business Plan can improve their competitive prospects.

And, OMG, this year, the returned Gov. The daylong agenda showed the significant progress the state has made since the Oregon Business Plan was formed during the depths of the recession.

On The Scene: Oregon Leadership Summit

If Portland wishes to suppress economic growth in its own environs, let it. OHS has developed the statewide relationships, methodology, and capacity to help Oregon communities tackle health challenges, live healthier lives, and achieve greater well-being.

On the Scene: Oregon Leadership Summit

Our support for the Blue Zones Project community health initiative in Klamath Falls has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach, which is also being adopted in Roseburg, Grants Pass, and the Dalles. He helped restarted the Chapter two years ago but prior to that he spent six years as the VP of Programs.

Initiatives recommended at the Leadership Summit are often taken up directly weeks later when the Legislature goes into session. For this topic I will do a walk through of a senior leader's action of "stopping the bleeding" on the Chinese Byzantine Virus, the basic questions we asked the compromised users plus the security culture support we gained and how.

The original health care strategy in the Oregon Business Plan set goals to increase access to care, to improve quality, and to better manage costs. In a preview of what no doubt will be a major theme in his reelection bid, the Governor spoke of a new "Education Enterprise" that would provide seamless "K20" education encompassing all levels of schooling from primary and secondary through community colleges, universities and graduate study.

We have made good progress in establishing high standards and systems to support effective teachers — because every student deserves a qualified, caring and competent teacher. These outcomes hurt Oregonians, increase business and safety net costs, and impede a robust, thriving economy. The position will assist me, my education team, and the Legislature in dedicating resources to increase the number of students who graduate from high school.

The logos below link directly to our main projects. I want to commend leaders in Oregon health care and school district superintendents who recently came together to talk about ways to collaborate on a shared mission: The Plan later added the goal of reducing poverty currently just over 13 percent to below 10 percent by We have exciting news to share.

But accountability also means ensuring that, as a state, we are empowering the best and most effective practices in our classrooms that support student success. But, it must be done and we must do this together.

The Best Health Insurance Is Healthy Living in Healthy Environments

Senators Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden echoed the sentiments of new Oregon Business Plan chairman and Pixelworks CEO Allen Alleywho exhorted the audience that "training our children to be prepared for their future responsibilities is not so much a question of civic duty, which it certainly is, but is in fact, a moral obligation.

League of Oregon Cities. Our annual Conference is an engaging, thought-provoking, three-day event offering multiple ways to network with industry professionals, find a mentor, get a sneak peek at emerging technology, and hone your leadership skills.

Oregon Dropout Prevention Summit

Business and elected leaders debate pension cuts versus new taxes (Oregonian, 12/9/16) Policy playbook and initiative guide (annual) Oregon Business Plan Posted in Oregon Business Plan and tagged Oregon Leadership Summit, revenue, taxes on December 9, by Government Information and Library Services.

The Oregon Business Plan articulates three over-arching goals that I wholeheartedly support: (1) To add 25, net new jobs per year; (2) To raise the per-capita income above the national average; and.

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Transforming the way people experience health care is the cornerstone of his vision. Since taking the top post inhe has guided the company and industry along a path of re-imagining and reshaping health care to be more empathetic, transparent, and economically sustainable.

Jeff Curl Eugene, OR. Owner, COO & CFO. For over twenty years Jeff has been the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer at Summit.

He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where he received a Bachelor of Science degree, a graduate of the University of Oregon where he received his Masters of Business Administration, and is a retired Special Forces United States Army.

Nonprofit Leadership Summit Presenter Mazarine Treyz, Chief Executive Officer, Wild Woman Fundraising. This year's theme is New Beginnings: Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership for Our Changing World.

This three day summit consists of: Three.

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